Monday, October 1, 2007

LEGO® Castle Chess Set


Brand: LEGO®

Product: LEGO® Castle Chess Set

Summary: 12 good guy minifigures vs. 12 bad guy minifigures; comes with a King, a Princess, an evil Wizard, and a scary Skeleton Queen; hours of strategy playing chess; hours of sword-slashing fun playing with two fantasy-themed armies.

Price: About $50; if you're in it just for the 24 minifigures, then each would cost $1.79, and you get to consider the rooks, knight pieces, checkerboard baseplate (made of smaller LEGO® plates unfortunately glued onto a green baseplate), and deluxe carrying case as bonuses.

Parts from: Denmark and China; LEGO® parts made in Denmark; deluxe carrying case with leather straps likely from China. There have been no recalls for this product.

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