Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kate Wishes a Good Morning to All, with Music

Yes, I know it's the afternoon where I am.  It has to be morning somewhere!

It's been a while since we've published anything on this blog; my human business partners have been diligently working on a music education blog called Chord du Jour.  They've been posting diagrams of all manner of chords and scales for fretboards and keyboards (guitar and piano).

Speaking of music -- I like music, too.  I have a mixtape full of my favorite Queen non-hit deep cuts.  It is a literal mixtape, on cassette tape.  A little more than seven dog years ago, I starred in a music video for the public domain tune "Good Morning to All."  It's actually a pretty dodgy version of it, with misplaced notes, but you can blame the guitarist for those flubs.  I'm told that if you add different words to this instrumental, it could be the song "Happy Birthday to You," which is under copyright, and even that issue is full of controversy.  With that said, please enjoy this dodgy rendition of "Good-ie Morning to All" -- or "Good Af-ternoon to All" or "Good E-vening to All" -- addressed to dear people with two syllables in their name (we recorded several variations, for different syllabic combinations):

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