Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kate's Halloween Costume

I've decided what I am going to be tomorrow night for Halloween:  A knight.  Well, the knight is going to be on my back.  I'll be the knight's noble steed -- a horse, or maybe a dragon!  Or maybe I'm supposed to be a giant legendary canine like a direwolf from Game of Thrones, or a warg from The Lord of the Rings.

I really have to think this through tomorrow morning.

Anyhow, I got the armored knight and saddle from Target last weekend.  There were three dog-as-horse costumes available that day:  A cowgirl, a green-blue knight, and a red-yellow knight.  There was literally one cowgirl in my size (large, if you're asking), one green-blue knight, and one red-yellow knight.  I ended up with the red-yellow knight.  All costumes were on sale last weekend.  If there are any costumes left right now, they are probably at a deep discount.  Or maybe they are price-gouged, depending where you shop.

Here is my -- let's say it's a direwolf -- costume at another angle:

Medieval Times, Dinner and Tournament.

To celebrate my awesome choice of costume, let's mimic the costume with LEGO minifigures.  First, let's try a random lion knight (the Lannisters send their regards) and a warg from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings:

You know nothing, Jon Snow.
Here's my anthropomorphic minifigure avatar K8 with a microfigure on her back:

It's not quite the same on two legs.

Here's a police dog minifigure K9 with a minifigure-scale trophy on its back:

This is pretty accurate in its simplicity.

Here are all three LEGO depictions of my costume:

Who wore it best?
I like the Lannister-on-Warg LEGO re-creation the best.  It's not totally accurate, but with the red lance, the knight-in-shining-armor, and the ferocious giant canine are close enough.  I also like the simplicity of the police K9 and shiny silver trophy (imagination counts).  Anthropomorphic K8 with a microfigure on her back doesn't work at all.

Anyhow, I am really, really, really excited for Halloween tomorrow night.  I hope to get a lot of treats (especially Milk-Bone and Beggin Strips), and perhaps win a jousting tournament or two.

Ser Kate of the Blackwater*

The Blackwater is my pee on the pavement.

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