Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kate's 5th Birthday and World Domination

I turned five years old today! That's 35 dog years! I got what I always wanted for my birthday: A belly rub!

I also received a Planet Dog ball that vaguely resembles the Earth.

I have been a longtime advocate for the toughness of Planet Dog dog toys. They stand up to my chomping and chewing. I still have a Luna from four years ago -- 28 dog years! -- that's still in decent shape after all the fun I've had with it.

All of the Planet Dog balls I have are basically made from one or two solid pieces of plastic or whatever material they're made of. The Earth ball I just received is made of more than one single piece because it emulates the Earth and the continents. I will try my best to test this ball, and hopefully the Earth will remain intact for a very long time.

So far I've been having a lot of fun with this ball. I bite it. I shake it. I lie on top of it to prevent it from rolling away. I will have to report back sooner or later, whether or not the continents remain on the Earth.

Happy Birthday to me,

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